Radiological Atlas Of Child Abuse

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Radiological Atlas Of Child Abuse

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The radiological abnormalities associated with suspected child abuse can be extremely subtle. If missed, a baby or child may be returned to an environment where episodes of abuse may escalate. Similarly, a wrongful diagnosis can lead to an infant being removed from loving carers. This atlas will be of particular use to radiologists (both in training and at consultant level), and also to other doctors who may be first in line to encounter suspected abuse, including paediatricians, accident and emergency doctors, orthopaedic surgeons and pathologists. It uses numerous radiographs from Professor Hall's collection amassed over three decades, including many examples of the sorts of difficult cases and normal variants that are found in day to day practice. It offers assistance with the initial interpretation of what are often difficult and subtle findings in the emotionally charged environment that frequently exists when child abuse is suspected.

ISBN 9781846190438Edition 01Binding Cloth

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